Whiteboard Wednesday - Mastering Knowledge Gaps Episode 5

I had a great question from a chiropractor, Paul who has done many of my programs and often emails me about WBW:

If I could embrace your style, how would you describe Chiropractic in a short and sweet way to patients?

In this week's WBW we answer that question by applying the knowledge gap strategy we have been using over the last 5 episodes.

 If you missed the previous episodes (or have missed any of the previous WBW) they are all now on my website.

Feel free to pass this on to friends who want to help more people connect with chiropractic.

Whiteboard Wednesday - Mastering Knowledge Gaps Episode 3

People often see us with a symptomatic view of health. They believe that the way you can tell how healthy is by how you feel. That you would only see a chiropractor if you had pain. And you would stop as soon as the pain has gone.

This week's WBW looks at how to use a particular knowledge gap to help people "upgrade" their level of thinking to see the value of prevention (which is a step towards the 'big picture' of performance)!

It's a powerful (but simple) strategy you can use straight away!

Whiteboard Wednesday - Mastering Knowledge Gaps Episode 1

Hands down one of the most impactful communication strategies I teach is knowledge gaps. They are simple to learn AND awesome at creating an environment where people WANT to know about chiropractic.


I have put together a mini-course on how to master them. Episode 1 is up now. It's 9 minutes long and packed with information you can use straight away.

Feel free to pass this on to friends who want to help more people connect with chiropractic.

Whiteboard Wednesday - "I Only Want To Come Once."

Whiteboard Wednesday is back!

This week I answer a question from a chiropractor facing a challenge that many of you are probably facing!

"One of my biggest issues that I have always faced is in my area people are expecting to only come once or twice.  For some even saying 6 or 10 visits freaks them out.  Many times when I just start the consult people will tell me that they just go once a year or so unless it's really bad then they may have to go twice.  They are happy with that and I get a lot of resistance trying to change that. 
Any suggestions? "

Under The Influence - Melissa Sandford

Under the Influence is back!

It's a series where we learn from people around the world about how they are having a positive influence.

This time I sat down and had a drink with Melissa Sandford. Check out this interview as she is a phenomenal communicator and also gets shit done! She has been helping run the United Chiropractors Association in the UK for years. The UCA is one of the few chiropractic organizations that is growing and the events she has been central to facilitating (like CE) are some of the coolest in the world.

The video went a bit funky halfway through but there is so much gold either side I doubt you will even notice!

Whiteboard Wednesday - What's The Story

Let me tell you a story...

Stories are a great way of communicating ideas because you are wired to payattention.

 create change in belief because they become an experience by proxy - you imagine you are the protagonist.

Stories create a huge impact because they create emotion.

Want to learn more about stories and how to harness their power to communicate the value of chiropractic?

Check out these week's WBW!

Whiteboard Wednesday - How To Avoid The "I Feel Better" Mistakes.

When people tell you "I feel better" it's a great affirmation of their decision to start chiropractic care.
But it can also be the start of them seeing LESS value in chiropractic care!

I know - it's a paradox. They get value and that starts them seeing less value. The reason? Negativity bias. It's a cognitive bias we humans have that means that we focus more on problems than on the positive things.

This video goes into a communication strategy that will help you celebrate the value they have received, block the negativity bias and help people see the value in continuing care.

Whiteboard Wednesday - "3 Types of People"

When it comes to growing their practice there are 3 types of chiropractors!

  1. Those who use the same communication approaches they have always used hoping for a different result.

  2. Those who are trying to grow their practice with whatever new "hack" is popular this month.

  3. Those who are using new strategies based on the influence literature that have been tested in real chiropractic practices. (Like the one in the video below. It's 5 minutes long and you can use it straight away!)

Under the Influence - Vismai Schonfelder

Would you like to not NEED new patients?

Growing a practice is simple. There are 2 ways to grow - one, get more new people or two, improve your retention.

Certainly having an approach that allows you to predictably market your practice through new patients is one strategy. But a lot of chiropractors put ALL their eggs in the new patient acquisition basket. And if all your eggs are there you always NEED new people because the old ones are not going to be there in 6 months. Or a year. Or 10 years.

A lot (most) chiropractors would grow their practice with less stress, better clinical results and not NEED as many new people if they put half their eggs in the retention basket.

I had a fantastic talk to the amazing Dr Vismai Schonfelder for "Under the Influence" this week.
He has practiced in Australia, Europe and Asia and is a master of communicating chiropractic (his PVA is amazing)!
He is chilled but gets shit done!
Make sure you watch the whole way through for the questions Vismai uses to find people who naturally resonate with chiropractic (it's based on the core philosophical perspectives of chiropractic - vitalism, naturalism, humanism and wholism).

Under the Influence - Dr Brad Glowaki

"Under the Influence" is about modeling the success of master chiropractors from around the world.

This week's guest is the master of what he calls "360-degree success". A rocking practice AND 8 weeks vacation with his family AND the freedom to be taking care of people in his practice or decide that he is cutting out to go to one of his kids' lacrosse games.

Under the Influence - Dr Paul Fisher

 If you're like me you probably delete almost all your email without reading it.
And that's a problem.

The average person gets 121 emails a day!
The open rate is around 20%. That means that 80% of emails get deleted without even being opened, much less being read.

Why? Because most emails are not really that important. 

And lots of the emails use tricks to get you to open them. They talk about short-cuts, hacks and use urgency and FOMO to appeal to the desire we all have for success to be easy and instant. And that's a problem. 

It's a problem because there is no shortcut to success. 

There IS a formula for success. And the truth is it's a long cut. So what's the formula?

Success = (Modeled skills X repetition + feedback) X time.

Modeled skills: To be successful find someone who has the success that you want. What do they do that less successful people don't? Doing this takes effort.
Repetition: Chunk those skills down and practice them. Over and over again. This is boring. 
Feedback: Get feedback about how you are performing so you can improve. This is uncomfortable.
Time: Creating the neuroplastic grooves in your nervous system so that a skill is automatic takes time. This takes patience.

So the problem is if I wrote an email that had a subject line that said "you can be successful but it's going to be boring, uncomfortable, take effort, and you are going to have to be patient" it IS the truth. But most people would rather believe there are shortcuts and hacks.

So if you want to be truly successful you need to recognize the problems and consciously decide to ignore the shortcut/ hack BS and decide to take the longcut.

Dr. Paul Fisher lives this formula. I have known Paul for the last couple of years and he is relentless at doing the uncomfortable, boring work it takes to be successful.
You may not have heard of Paul, but if you want to learn from someone who knows how to grow you will love this video.

Under The Influence Travis Corcoran

Have you ever fantasized about practicing without a CA?

Just you. 

It would be simple, wouldn't it?

For a lot of chiropractors, the downside of having staff seems so big that it overshadows any gain.

On the other hand, imagine how much you could achieve if you had 10 people as committed to growing your practice and impacting your community as you are.

Earlier this year I witnessed a team unlike any other I have seen. Dr. Travis Corcoran has a group of practices in the Netherlands and his team is phenomenal. They are more like a big united family than work colleagues.

In this weeks "Under The Influence" I got to dive deep with him on what they have done to create this unique culture. Travis is a deep thinker and an overall cool cat. 

If success for you is about doing work that you love with people you love and having a thriving practice you are going to love this video!

Whiteboard Wednesday - "Emotion and Identity"

Do you want to build your retention?

Do you want more people to WANT to follow through with care?

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday unpacks the concept that people decide based on emotion FIRST then need logic to support the decision.

The last part of it will show you the number 1 key to connecting people emotionally with the value of chiropractic.