Boost Your Subluxation Communication

If you are a chiropractor who believes that Chiropractic has a unique and potentially transformative view about health this workshop is for you.

Your ability to help people live healthier, happier more active lives is determined by how well you communicate. For people to experience the real benefits of chiropractic care you have to be able to communicate the relevance and value of chiropractic to what matters to them.  This starts with your ability to communicate core chiropractic concepts like vertebral subluxation clearly and simply.

At the same time chiropractic is under more scrutiny than ever before. Just Google vertebral subluxation and most of the first page is sceptics labelling chiropractors who communicate about chiropractic as unscientific. 


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The workshop is based on contemporary models of subluxation. 
I will teach you to communicate them simply.
 "Bone out of place putting pressure on a nerve" is simplistic (not simple) and negatively impacts our credibility.

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The communication strategies are based on the influence literature. This is research undertaken to understand why people do what they do and what we can do to ethically influence them to make healthier decisions.



The workshop is by webinar – no hotel or plane tickets. You can do it live or via the recordings. You can review the information again and again to master the strategies.


1 session of 105 minutes.

This Workshop is available via the recording.


AU$99/ US$75 /€65/ £60

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