Masterclass in Perceived Value

An Advanced Workshop by Webinar


Do you find it frustrating that people seem to “get it” early on in care only to drop out?

Do you feel like you’re having to persuade people why they need care?

Would you like to help more people connect with the big idea?

The Masterclass in Perceived Value will teach you the concepts, questions and communication templates you need to upgrade your communication.

Martin Harvey is a communication MASTER!
Bringing sophisticated knowledge to the chiropractic table is what he has made easy.
— Dr Brad Glowaki

Perceived Value

How much value people perceive in your care is everything!
It determines how likely people are to start care, continue care and refer others.

What people value is individual – chiropractic can have huge value for a Crossfit Athlete and a busy mother but the expression of it is unique.

The MPV will show you how to understand what people value and how to communicate it.


Levels of Value

The influence literature shows we are wired to value certain things more than others. We are wired to prioritise avoiding loss more (Kahneman says 400% more!) than toward gain.

We decide based on emotion then need data to support our decisions.

When you do the MPV you will learn a model that allows you to use empathic questions to help people see the value that chiropractic can have for them!



This is an advanced workshop. If the ideas of perceived and individualised value and emotion trumping facts in decision making are new to you this workshop is not for you! (Check out The Retention Recipe and The Matrix).

If you already have an understanding of these ideas and want to take it to another level then this is definitely for you!


The Masterclass in Perceived Value is a workshop by webinar in 2 sessions.

Session 1 Monday 22nd July 6pm US PDT / Tuesday 23rd July 11am AU AEST

Session 2 Thursday 25th July 6pm US PDT / Friday 26th July 11am AU AEST

You can do the sessions live or via the recordings.

No flights, no hotel and you can review the information whenever you want.

US$ 289 / AU$360/ €235/ £200

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