The Retention Recipe

A Workshop by Webinar.

The Retention Recipe will show you the key steps you need in the first 12 visits to communicate the value of lifestyle care. 

The key to long term retention is communicating two simple things:

  1. Why chiropractic is relevant to them.

  2. Why chiropractic can be of value to them.

The truth is that most people who come into our practices don't care about chiropractic. They don't care about subluxation. Most of them don't even care about health.

They do care about the things they have to do, love to do or see as their role or identity to do. And the truth is that you, as a chiropractor, can help people do these things better. 

"Martin Harvey's communication seminar was off the charts! 
Learn how to master communicating and effectively dealing with those moments in practice that can ruin your day when not handled properly. This info was easily worth 10 times the fee!  Great job Martin!"

Dr Steve Thiele, CT, USA


The Retention Recipe

  • Is based on the influence literature. The strategies are based on world class, contemporary research so you know they work.

  • You will learn the communication strategies and templates you need to have in the first 12 visits to communicate what is relevant and valuable to each person.

  • You don't have to replace your current approaches - these strategies will add on to and upgrade your current approaches.

  • Improving your retention will help you get better clinical results (less premature dropouts), reduce your stress and help you grow your practice.

  • Workshop by webinar - no time and expense of travel and hotels.

  • You can either be on the webinar sessions live or watch the recordings after each session.

"Shout out to Martin Harvey. Once again he over-delivers with the latest on communication mastery. Last nights 3rd module was GOLD. One hour of real life, cases that happen every day in our business. We will train on this material weekly. It's that good ! Yes, and ... I'm sure he will do it again for those that missed out. Clear your schedule and make it happen next go around."
Dr Wade Parkhill, TX, USA

"Martin Harvey's communication seminar is a must. Easily got 10x value out of just a couple of the multitude of strategies presented. Get on this next time it is presented. 3 evenings of GOLD! Thanks so much Martin Harvey!!!"
Dr Jeff Buller, MI, USA


The Retention Recipe is an online program. It is divided into two sessions.

No flights, no hotel and you can review the information whenever you want.

The videos are available online and you can email Martin with questions and guidance on how to implement the strategies.

US$ 289 / AU$360/ €235/ £200)

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The Retention Recipe

The Retention Recipe will show you the key steps you need in the first 12 visits to communicate the value of lifestyle care. 

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The Retention Workshops

Having great retention is the most important thing to create a thriving practice.

People get the best results when they stick around.

Your practice grows fastest when you have great retention.

It’s WAY less stressful when you are not always sweating on when the next new patient is coming in.

It’s WAY more enjoyable when you get to know and love seeing the majority of people you see every day.

To have great retention you need the right strategies and the right skills.

The Retention Workshops are 3 workshops that teach exactly that.

The right strategies are concepts and procedures based on science (the influence literature). Strategies that make it easy to connect and communicate the unique value to each individual in having chiropractic care beyond symptomatic care.

The Retention Recipe is a Workshop that will show you the key steps you need in the first 12 visits to communicate the value of lifestyle care. 

The Matrix is a Workshop by Webinar that will teach you the strategies and procedures you need to communicate the value of lifestyle care after the first 12 visits.

The Retention Skills Workshop is an in-person workshop that experientially teaches you the 8 key skills you need to really grow your retention.