The Elevate Workshop

I had a big wake up call a few years ago that has forced me to get my house in order.

Two chiropractors separately contacted me asking me for help with a situation they had with the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

One practices in New South Wales, the other in Victoria and they both have practices where they see people for ongoing care regardless of whether they have symptoms.

What had happened to them was very similar:

• They received a letter from an insurance company asking them to fill in a questionnaire about a patient’s care. The patient’s claim would not be processed unless the chiropractor provided further info.

• The chiropractors filled in the questionnaire.

•  The insurance company asked for copies of the records (the patients give consent as part of the process of joining a fund).

• The chiropractors sent copies of their records.

• The insurance company reported them to the CBA saying that their records were not up to CBA standards.

Are you 100% confident that your records would hold up to that kind of scrutiny?

The wake up call I had was that I wasn’t sure if mine would and the idea of a long, stressful CBA complaint is not something I want to have to deal with!

I spent 9 months researching:

• What the requirements are.

• The biggest mistakes chiropractors are making.

•  How to be more compliant while at the same time being consistent with the chiropractic paradigm and enhancing our client communication.

We now have systems that are more compliant and are enhancing the practice member experience in our practice. It’s a win for us and a win for the people we serve.

And it’s a relief to have all of this sorted before we were sitting in a board hearing!

If you want to get ahead of this issue I will be teaching, step-by-step, how we have gone about it in my Elevate workshop (it’s all different content to my Certainty or Communication workshop).

This program has been assessed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Ltd, a body recognized by the Chiropractic Board of Australia, and allocated 3.5 Formal Learning Activity Hours.

This is what others have said about the Elevate workshop:

"Clear, concise summary of what is needed to comply with chiro registration board guidelines. Practical and realistic approach to use in a busy practice." 10/10
Dr Maria Liosis

"This workshop is so good that I think every chiropractor who wants to provide quality care should attend. As a bonus, Martin’s program will help you comply with CBA requirements more effectively." 10/10
Dr Tony Croke

"Awesome. Eye-opening. Enlightening. Confronting but with tools and strategies to implement the necessary changes."  10/10
Dr Andrew McGregor

"Great. Love having someone I can trust doing all the ground work and presenting in a neat, useable package."  10/10
Dr Andrew Leece

"Concise, simple format regarding making my practice more compliant. Interesting and beneficial."  10/10
Dr Peter Bourke

"Efficient way for me to get seriously useful information. Changes to make to my procedures to improve my compliance. " 10/10
Dr Rob Clugston


This workshop is only available to be done via the recordings at this time.

To register click the link below. You will receive the details of how to access the recordings via email and all support materials.

Martin will be available to support you with implementing the information via email.

$420 including GST ($210 refresher).