Whiteboard Wednesday - "People like us"

If you want to have more people in your practice living healthier, happier lives you HAVE to understand a few key concepts:
People decide based on EMOTION.
IDENTITY is a key driver of emotion.
identity = "People like us do things like this.."

Want to learn more?

Watch the video.



Whiteboard Wednesday – "I’m not getting better."

How well you handle SHITuations is important. 
So important that it is the skill I suggest that people who want to improve their communication work on first. 
Important because if you know how to handle SHITuations it will increase your certainty because you know that you won't be stumped. 
Important because you will be able to reduce the number of people dropping out of care which is a win-win – they win with better clinical results and you win with practice growth and a more rewarding practice.

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday will teach you the two most important strategies you HAVE to know to be able to handle SHITuations.

These strategies come from the "Difficult Situations" Workshop by Webinar. For more information and to register go HERE

Whiteboard Wednesday SHITuation - Zoom In

How do you feel when someone comes into the practice and says "I don't feel any better"?

Or "This isn't working and I'm stopping care"?

This is one of the most common SHITuations that we encounter as chiropractors.

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday goes into a strategy that I have only previously taught in my workshops.

It's 10 minutes of gold on how to handle this SHITuation!

This strategy comes from the "Difficult Situations" Workshop by Webinar. Registration opens in a few days. For more information go HERE

White Board Wednesday - Impact

Do you ever look at other people and think "how the hell do they get so much done?"

Me too.

There are so many things I want to get done. So many projects that I have a kernel of the idea or have started but not completed.

I had the chance a few weeks ago to sit down with Dr Ross McDonaldand ask him how is it that he (and his equally awesome wife Rebecca) can create the impact that he does (great practice, President of the Scottish Chiropractic Association, started and runs The Edinburgh Lectures, now starting a vitalistic Chiropractic College in Scotland, amazing family etc, etc).

This video is 6- minutes of absolute gold if you want to learn how to get shit done, create a change in the world and have a great time while you are doing it!

To learn more (and support!) the Scotland College of Chiropractic please click HERE

White Board Wednesday – Bridging

Communicating in a way that shifts people's perspectives from pain to prevention to performance can be tricky!

Today's Whiteboard Wednesday is all about bridging - a communication strategy that will help you give people the BIG idea of chiropractic no matter where they are in their level of awareness!

No dumbing chiropractic down to the lowest denominator!
No bait and switch!

This 6.5-minute video will show you how to bridge to the BIG idea.

Whiteboard Wednesday - Simple Subluxation

If you want to communicate the concept of subluxation in your practice you HAVE to communicate it simply - too much technical jargon confuses people.

The challenge is that if you go too far you can lose credibility.

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday will show you how to get the balance just right!

Whiteboard Wednesday - Handling SHITuations.

If you want to make yourself feel a little sick try doing what I just did and google "vertebral subluxation".

Go on - give it a try.

You see if you are saying that subluxation is important people are going to google it.

If you want to communicate to people about the value that chiropractic has (including addressing subluxation) this communication doesn't happen in a vacuum. 
You HAVE to know what else they are exposed to.
If you want people to stay and pay to have their subluxations corrected you have to be able to credibly build the relevance, importance and value of having their subluxations addressed.

And when people are AT ALL unsure, what do they do?
They google it.

And if you haven't googled it yet let me give you the sort version. It ain't pretty. It's a shitshow.

"It has no biomedical basis, lacks clinical meaningfulness, and is categorized as pseudoscientific by leading chiropractic authorities"
"Chiropractors believe that they know, and they’ve built a profession around it: “subluxation.” A misalignment. A “spine out of line.” Many doctors and scientists disagree!"
"Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxations: Science vs. Pseudoscience"

All these quotes are from search results on the first page of google.
3 of the first 4 results are STRONGLY negative.

If you don't want this bullshit confusing people and triggering them to drop out of care, you HAVE to know how to handle this type of SHITuation.

Here is the Whiteboard Wednesday video to explain how to handle this (and any other) SHITuation!


Whiteboard Wednesday - "Because"

Words have power

Would you like to learn a super simple and surprisingly powerful way to have people do what you suggest?

Whether it's people following your recommendations for care, team members getting behind new procedures or any other situation where you want someone to do something differently this 6-minute video will show you exactly what you need to do!

Whiteboard Wednesday - Quality Questions - "Why Now?"

Questions are the most powerful way of communicating the value of chiropractic. 

Quite simply, the quality of your questions will dictate the quality of your practice.

Would you like to learn some higher quality questions to use in your practice? This week's Whiteboard Wednesday will teach you a simple yet powerful question you can use in first visits. 

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.


Whiteboard Wednesday - "Consult"

People come to see us and they feel scared and unsure. Scared about their health and that chiropractic may not be safe. Unsure about what they "should" be doing. Unsure if you can help them.

What you say and do in the first visit is critical to how the whole relationship goes. If you set them at ease immediately you set it up to be a great relationship. Unfortunately, the way most chiropractors have been trained to do a consult is the opposite of the way the influence literature says you should.

This 8-minute video will show you exactly what you should be doing (and what you shouldn't)!


Whiteboard Wednesday - "Rapport and Unity"

People buy you before they buy your message.

You HAVE to create a good first impression if you want people to start care and stay under care.

Dr. Robert Cialdini argues that applying the principle of unity and the language of family is the fast track to rapport.

This 8-minute video will show you EXACTLY what you need to say (and why you need to say it) to get rapport FAST. 


Dr. Martin Harvey


Thoughts on Thursday - "Frame Control"

No Whiteboard Wednesday this week!

I have had one of those weeks. You know the ones - where you start the day with a looooooong to do list and you're all psyched to get through it only to end up with an even longer list by the end of the day!.

Anyway, it all meant that after 15 weeks of having Whiteboard Wednesday there is no WW video this week. There is, however, a "Thoughts on Thursday" this week!
Same concept just 24 hours later!

This week it's all about Frame Control. It is the core idea that explains why many of the persuasion strategies I teach work.

Warning - this one has some denser theory (it's worth it to understand how to make chiropractic matter to people)!


Whiteboard Wednesday - "Framing for when people don't get better"

7-minutes of communication strategy on Framing. How to pre-suasively frame the discussion when people are not getting the results they think they should be.

This approach is GOLD when people have a reaction too.
It's quick and powerful because it creates a frame for the discussion that includes THEIR belief and your belief.

This 7-minute video will teach you my absolute fave phrase that you can use in any SHITuation where someone has had a reaction or don't feel like they are getting better!


Whiteboard Wednesday - "Overcoming procrastination bias"

Do you find it frustrating when people NEED care but don't follow through?

One of the main reasons people don't have the care they need is that they procrastinate!

They know they need it but think there will be some magical time in the future where they will have more time, money and energy (or maybe their condition will improve by itself?).

We are WIRED to procrastinate.

This 7.5-minute video is all about what YOU can do to overcome procrastination!