Whiteboard Wednesday - Handling SHITuations.

If you want to make yourself feel a little sick try doing what I just did and google "vertebral subluxation".

Go on - give it a try.

You see if you are saying that subluxation is important people are going to google it.

If you want to communicate to people about the value that chiropractic has (including addressing subluxation) this communication doesn't happen in a vacuum. 
You HAVE to know what else they are exposed to.
If you want people to stay and pay to have their subluxations corrected you have to be able to credibly build the relevance, importance and value of having their subluxations addressed.

And when people are AT ALL unsure, what do they do?
They google it.

And if you haven't googled it yet let me give you the sort version. It ain't pretty. It's a shitshow.

"It has no biomedical basis, lacks clinical meaningfulness, and is categorized as pseudoscientific by leading chiropractic authorities"
"Chiropractors believe that they know, and they’ve built a profession around it: “subluxation.” A misalignment. A “spine out of line.” Many doctors and scientists disagree!"
"Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxations: Science vs. Pseudoscience"

All these quotes are from search results on the first page of google.
3 of the first 4 results are STRONGLY negative.

If you don't want this bullshit confusing people and triggering them to drop out of care, you HAVE to know how to handle this type of SHITuation.

Here is the Whiteboard Wednesday video to explain how to handle this (and any other) SHITuation!