Under the Influence - Vismai Schonfelder

Would you like to not NEED new patients?

Growing a practice is simple. There are 2 ways to grow - one, get more new people or two, improve your retention.

Certainly having an approach that allows you to predictably market your practice through new patients is one strategy. But a lot of chiropractors put ALL their eggs in the new patient acquisition basket. And if all your eggs are there you always NEED new people because the old ones are not going to be there in 6 months. Or a year. Or 10 years.

A lot (most) chiropractors would grow their practice with less stress, better clinical results and not NEED as many new people if they put half their eggs in the retention basket.

I had a fantastic talk to the amazing Dr Vismai Schonfelder for "Under the Influence" this week.
He has practiced in Australia, Europe and Asia and is a master of communicating chiropractic (his PVA is amazing)!
He is chilled but gets shit done!
Make sure you watch the whole way through for the questions Vismai uses to find people who naturally resonate with chiropractic (it's based on the core philosophical perspectives of chiropractic - vitalism, naturalism, humanism and wholism).