Under The Influence Travis Corcoran

Have you ever fantasized about practicing without a CA?

Just you. 

It would be simple, wouldn't it?

For a lot of chiropractors, the downside of having staff seems so big that it overshadows any gain.

On the other hand, imagine how much you could achieve if you had 10 people as committed to growing your practice and impacting your community as you are.

Earlier this year I witnessed a team unlike any other I have seen. Dr. Travis Corcoran has a group of practices in the Netherlands and his team is phenomenal. They are more like a big united family than work colleagues.

In this weeks "Under The Influence" I got to dive deep with him on what they have done to create this unique culture. Travis is a deep thinker and an overall cool cat. 

If success for you is about doing work that you love with people you love and having a thriving practice you are going to love this video!