The Certainty Workshop

The Certainty Workshop will help you align:

  • Your chiropractic philosophy
  • Your clinical paradigm
  • Your procedures.

This is what others have said about the workshop:

“Martin gave me great explanations for my uncertainty in some areas of practice and an action plan to overcome them simply.”
– Dr Jacey Pryjma

“I've been in practice for almost 30 years and this 4 hours has been among the best, most practical seminars I have been to”
– Dr Mark Uren

“ Fabulous, awesome, great!
Provided a simple, powerful and eloquent framework that will allow me to better communicate the value of the care I deliver.”
– Dr Angus Pyke
Certainty is a topic that is spoken about a lot in chiropractic. Increase your level of certainty and you are likely to enjoy practice a lot more and be more successful. But how do you increase your level of certainty? The answer you hear most commonly at seminars is that it is through studying chiropractic philosophy. I disagree.
I think that understanding philosophy may help, but for most of the chiropractors I have worked with it wasn’t the whole answer to increasing their certainty and for most it wasn’t even the most important part.

For most of them it was about working through three areas and making sure they lined up. If that sounds pretty simple, it is.

You see I think practice should be way easier than most chiropractors find it to be. Making sure your chiropractic philosophy, your clinical paradigm (the model of subluxation physiology you use and the outcomes you use to measure progress) and your procedures (your technique and communication) are all congruent will massively increase your certainty.

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