The Retention Skills Workshop

A one day skill development program.

The Retention Skills Workshop is an in-person workshop that experientially teaches you the 8 key skills you need to really grow your retention.

What if you could have one skill-set that would allow you to getter better clinical results,  reduce your stress and grow your practice?

When people get the big idea and choose to come in for lifestyle care in your practice all of these things happen. When your patients, clients or practice members stay under care longer they get better results. When you aren't constantly looking for more new people and having to convince the ones coming in for care to stay  you have less stress. And when people stay longer your practice grows.

In the 20 years I have been studying and implementing the findings of the influence literature I have identified 8 key skills that you need to have to be able to grow your retention.  The Retention Skills Workshop will teach you all of them in one day. It will be a day packed with practice  exercises and role play. It is a small group so you will get individualised feedback and I will show you exactly how to implement them (and what not to do!).

Pretty much every principle you teach  has had a profound effect on the way I practice and has resulted in a massively positive effect on how my clients understand chiropractic.  
And that translates into many more happier, healthier and committed clients in my office and  I can honestly say your work has not only helped my clients but it’s given me a new lease on life.
I feel more energised and better able to communicate what I do as a chiropractor. And mate, that’s really saying something after nearly 3 and a half decades adjusting people.
— Dr Mark Uren, Australia


The Retention Skills Workshop

  • Is based on the influence literature. The strategies are based on world class, contemporary research so you know they work.

  • You don't have to replace your current approaches - these strategies will add on to and upgrade your current approaches.

  • Focusses on the 8 key skills you need to grow retention.

  • Involves role-playing, exercises and constructive feedback so you improve your skills fast.

  • Is a small group workshop so you get the attention and feedback you need.



Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sunday 13th October 2019

Top Chiropractie
Heezerweg 343
5643 KG Eindhoven

9am – 5pm

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Student/ CA
€400 after 20th September

The Retention Workshops

Having great retention is the most important thing to create a thriving practice.

People get the best results when they stick around.

Your practice grows fastest when you have great retention.

It’s WAY less stressful when you are not always sweating on when the next new patient is coming in.

It’s WAY more enjoyable when you get to know and love seeing the majority of people you see every day.

To have great retention you need the right strategies and the right skills.

The Retention Workshops are 3 workshops that teach exactly that.

The right strategies are concepts and procedures based on science (the influence literature). Strategies that make it easy to connect and communicate the unique value to each individual in having chiropractic care beyond symptomatic care.

The Retention Recipe is a Workshop that will show you the key steps you need in the first 12 visits to communicate the value of lifestyle care. 

The Matrix is a Workshop by Webinar that will teach you the strategies and procedures you need to communicate the value of lifestyle care after the first 12 visits.

The Retention Skills Workshop is an in-person workshop that experientially teaches you the 8 key skills you need to really grow your retention.