Communication Fundamentals Workshop

The Communication Fundamentals Workshop is all about making you a more confident and skilful communicator so you can help more people live healthier, happier lives.

The workshop has been upgraded for 2019:

  • more time for practicing the techniques so that attendees go back to practice ready to use the strategies

  • a series of follow up recordings to guide attendees through the implementation of the strategies over the month after the workshop.

This is what participants said about the Communication workshop:

"An inspiring, intimate and fun way to improve no matter where you are at in practice"

Dr Kate Stewart

"Workable tools to assess where a patient "is at" and help move to where they want to go. Took some very complex communication ideas and makes them workable."

Dr Kevin Turley

"Really insightful, well researched relevant info that I'll use forever more. Fantastic, simple and powerful."

Dr Sally Oborne

"Great concepts - honest, effective and efficient communication methods. Contemporary communication strategies consistent with current research."

Dr Tony Rose

"Quite simply the best series of workshops I have attended in my entire career."

Dr Dominic Flynn

Have you ever been frustrated by why people just don't “get” chiropractic?

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from chiropractors is that they wish more people “got it” – that more people saw how they could have a healthier, happier, more active life with regular chiropractic care. So why don't people get it? I think the answer is pretty simple. People do what they do because they believe what they believe and the way we have communicated chiropractic is not a very effective way of changing people's beliefs. Quite simply what we have been doing doesn't work!

Fortunately there are people out there (marketers, social psychologists, neuroscientists) who have been researching what does work. Their findings not only explain why what we have done doesn't work but give us strategies that do. I have been studying their findings and have integrated them into a model for chiropractors to use in their offices.

The Communicating Chiropractic workshop will:

  • improve your communications skills and confidence.

  • allow you to see where you are communicating well and where you may be not communicating as well based on your statistics (and no you don't share them with the group!)

  • give you a framework to communicate at the “right level” to each person

  • give you strategies based on state of the art psychology and marketing research


We are finalising dates for the Communication Workshop at the moment.

My other workshops booked out quickly so I would suggest reserving a space ASAP by emailing Nicole at

See News for upcoming dates for the Communication workshop.